Afternoon treats at Dean Street Townhouse

This Georgian delight boasts both a generous and delicious afternoon tea in the great setting that is Soho. The classic (and personal favourite piece of decor) checkered black and white tiled floors and dark oak finishes ensure you’re at ease in your leather coveted booth, yet provide a feeling of quality and sophistication alongside the... Continue Reading →


A Brussels Breakaway

For my 24th (!) birthday I was treated to a long weekend in Belgium’s capital and chocolate haven of Brussels. Just a quick hop on the Eurostar was all it took to be taken to this urban feeling yet history filled city. The sun was shining as we walked through the urban backstreets from the... Continue Reading →

The New Zealand Experience

Having just spent a just month in New Zealand, it's hard to believe how hard and fast I fell in love with this stunning country; in my opinion, a month here isn't enough. It is a place I would wholeheartedly jump at the chance to return, and do everything I did all over again and... Continue Reading →

On Fiji time.

From the streets of LA, the Yasawa islands of Fiji were our next destination. And what a destination it was ahead of us. In true backpacker style, we arrived at the harbour and bagged ourself a bargain buying the island hopping 'Bula pass' that day, which enabled us to hop on and off as we... Continue Reading →

A day in la LA land

My 6 month backpacking adventure has begun in LA, California. Pinch me. For our single day stopover the aim was to be a tourist and do everything tourist possible. Banana Bungalow was our hostel of choice, right on Hollywood boulevard minutes from all the sights with a very sociable chilled vibe, good pick for backpackers... Continue Reading →

A great city break in Berlin

Along with my fellow final year survivors, last summer we left a mildly summery UK to the urban, pure hipster edge city of Berlin. Finals were over and we were more than ready for a weekend trip to a city we’ve heard so many great things about. Rain unfortunately welcomed us as we searched for... Continue Reading →

Sketch London: Cream tea and Caviar

How Saturday afternoons should be spent.. This weekend my sister enters her ‘mid-twenties’, so what better way for a fine art grad to celebrate than joining her closest friends and wonderful younger sister for an afternoon of cream tea delights, in a space that is both an artwork and sugar-foodie heaven. Sketch London is a... Continue Reading →

Dublin was grand

Early last year, myself and three of my colleagues from my placement ( a year in industry as part of my degree) needed a break from our 9 to 5 as hard working placement students, so took a weekend break to Dublin, Ireland. PS I love you style tumbling hills full of Gerards and greenery... Continue Reading →

Falling for Lisboa, Portugal.

Last summer, myself and two best friends - a decade we hazily realised, whilst sun-lusting at a rooftop pool, is how long we’ve put up with each others ups downs and whirlwinds - jumped onto our budget embraced flight to Lisbon, Portugal. After a tease of sun in the south of England we were most... Continue Reading →

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